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Business Model.

Global Manufacturing Industries (GMI) is a Direct Factory Representation and Service, Design and Development and Marketing and Physical Distribution organization whose mission is to combine the strengths of manufacturing companies in North America with those of Greater China to maximize global development opportunities. The organization includes manufacturing, marketing, and consultant professionals with significant seasoning in management of multi-national programs.

GMI develops the product management and procurement function for North American companies desirous of accomplishing significant cost reductions and product improvements. This is accomplished utilizing the skills and abilities of leading manufacturers with a defined record of accomplishment. GMI locates and coordinates the integration of the strengths of new strategic partnerships.

Role, Relationship and Compensation Policies.

In the function described above as direct representation, the Greater China partner compensates GMI. GMI acts as a commission paid member of the sales department of the eastern strategic partner. The western partner is effectively buying direct from the eastern factory. There is no middleman, i.e. Trading Company involved in the transaction. There is 100% transparency in the conduct of business.

The expectation on the part of GMI is that the western partner will place its full faith and confidence in GMI and its eastern partner and be prepared to divulge exact auditable information to speed productive management activity. Restrictive covenants to protect both partners are available upon request.

If desired, the western partner can contract with GMI to perform as a Direct Factory Procurement Representative for USA and Canadian factories. An upcharge for the service will be quoted and negotiated as needed.


GMI has management, engineering and service offices in Fort Smith, AR, Van Buren, AR, Jenks/Tulsa, OK, Afton, OK, Middleton, OH, Yong Kang, Zhejiang, and Suzhou, Jiangsu, PRC and St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

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